Inspired by “MyBrute”. There is no real gameplay, it is a sit ‘n watch game but you have the opportunity to choose Stats, Skills, Pets and Weapons upon leveling up.

After a user creates an account, he can select up to 2 Reapers for free + 1 Reaper for each Reaper Jr. NFT he own. 


Each Reaper starts out as a level 1 Junior. A fight gives 1 Experience Point (EXP), no matter if won or lost. Once a certain amount of EXP points is reached, the Reaper can level up to the next level.

At this point, the user gets presented with a choice of 3 randoms “upgrades” for the brute,  a Stat (Endurance, Strength, Agility, Speed) upgrades and either a Weapon, Skill or Pet. 

Daily Playing

Every day, a Reaper can have a maximum of 10 training fights, as long as it does not lose 3 times. The 10th fight, or the 3rd loss, means the end of the training, whichever comes first.

A holder user can “visit the hospital” once per day and Reaper and gets another round of 10 fights / 3 losses. You can only go to the hospital once a day per Reaper.

Rank Up

Once per day, a Reaper can enter a Tournament, once he’s level 10 or above. If the Reaper wins a Tournament, he step up in Rank and gets reset to level 1 in the next Rank.

As said, the Training and Tournament fights are purely sit ‘n watch. In training, the user can select an opponent from a selection of 8 Reapers, based on rank and level of the Reaper in training.

Target is to rank-up as fast as possible, and reach the Rank of Reaper Legend.

Earn $REAPY inGame

After each win of your Reaper (20 win daily  per Reaper for the luckiest), you’ll earn $REAPY Token. Rank & Rarity of the NFT will change the amount of $REAPY Token per win. Rarity is fix and can’t change (Common-Rare-Epic-Legendary), while the Rank will evolve by playing the game.

Plus, if you win a Tournament, your Reaper will rank-up, and each time he does, you will earn $REAPY Token.

(Only a Reaper attach to “Reaper Jr. NFT” will earn $REAPY after each win. If you create an other free Reaper, you’ll just earn the $REAPY Token after ranking-up). 

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