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Reaper Jr.

It is more than just art.

Reaper Jr. is a series of utility-digital art collections with a multitude of benefits available to its holders.

Join the community on Twitter to discover how you can participate to giveways and win free prizes !


Reaper Jr. is a collection of 9,997 unique NFT with different rarity.


NFT holders will control the future of the Reaper Jr. through the community discord.

Passive Income

Reaper Jr. NFT holders will be reward with $REAPY every day and forever.

Play 2 Earn

NFT holders will earn fungible tokens simply from playing the game. (additional to the Passive Income).

Why Having A Reaper Jr. NFT ?

Whatever you are, short or long term thinker, Reaper Jr. is for you.

Make money in a short term, reselling your NFT at a higher price after mint.

Or in a long term, holding your Reaper Jr. :
– Earning daily $REAPY  passively
– Additional $REAPY with P2E Game
– And Airdrops.

Reaper Jr.
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Price ETH
Minting Date
Phase 1

Build a Strong Community

For a good project, we need a good and strong community. We chose to build this Reaper Community mainly on Twitter. Discord will be reserve for holders after mint.

Get whitelisted will assure you to be able to mint a Reaper Jr. That’s why it’s important to join us on Twitter. Most giveaways and raffles infos will be there.

Phase 2

Mint & Passive Income

Mint Date is still To Be Announced. Join the Twitter to know how to get on the whitelist and be sure to be able to mint.

After the sold out of Reaper Jr., reveal and creation of $REAPY will follow. You’ll be able to claim a certain amount of $REAPY everyday and per NFT. The amount will depend of the rarity of your Reaper Jr.

Phase 3

AirDrop, P2E & More

At the P2E release, every holder will receive a Reaper Jr. 2nd Generation NFT for each Reaper Jr. they hold at this time.

Both 1st and 2nd Gen Reaper Jr. will have advantages to earn $REAPY in-game.

$REAPY will have utilities in-game to buy advantages but also outside the game. On the Reaper Jr. Shop. Where you’ll be able to buy figurines, clothes, other objets from the Reaper branding, and also Tickets to unique events.

How To Get Whitelisted ?

All the info to get whitelisted will be on Twitter. It will mostly be giveaway, but we also reserve some whitelist spot for social creators. And a Raffle for the remaining whitelist spots.

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